Community Service

PWMC work focuses on the following six Community Service Program areas:


We are a strong supporter of arts and music in our community. By engaging in Arts, we are introducing our community to new artistic talent that records our cultural history through music, fine and performing arts, and creative energy. Additionally, encouraging local students to particpate in arts programs in the schools has proved to increase students’ excellence in other academic areas such as math, science, and English/literature coursework.

Projects we support:

-Local student artists by hosting local arts competition and entering winners in district and state competition

-Monetary donations to local schools to support arts program

-Attend local and regional productions of art programs

-Support local efforts to increase awareness of arts programs in our community


Projects we support:

-We donate gently read magazines to local hospitals, doctor’s offices, Hospice houses, and assisted living facilities.

-We support and promote community recycling


Projects we support:

-Volunteers in Schools

-Local PTO/PTA collaborations

-Literacy Programs  (Summer Reading program at Charles H Stone Memorial Library)

-Sallie Southall Cotten Scholarship Program, GFWC-NC Teaching Scholarship Surry Community College Scholarships

Home Life

Our Home Life Community Service Program is one of the busiest programs in our club. We focus on the well being of individuals, families and community through a variety of programs and services.

Projects we support:

-Financial Planning workshop taught by one of our own clubwomen!

-“Cinderella’s Closet”-a program designed to help local high school students purchase gently used prom and formal wear, jewelry and accessories. All dresses were donated by the community and a local dry cleaner worked with the students to help offset the costs of having the dresses cleaned. Other prizes, such as mani-pedi packages and makeup/hair styling the day of the big event, were given away.

International Outreach

We support not only our local community, but our global community as well.

Projects we support:

-Support for US military and their families worldwide

-Operation Smile is a charity organization for children – donate non profit”Give a Flip for Haiti”-in 2010 the Pilot Mountain Woman’s Club collected “flip flop” shoes to be sent to a children’s orphanage in Haiti after their devastating earthquake.

Public Affairs

Serving our community begins with us learning to be active citizens in the civic affairs of our community. The work of the Public Affairs Community Service Program focuses on projects and activities that support the overall well being of the community.

Projects we support:

-American Red Cross: Host of local blood drives

-Public Safety: Donated pediatric supply bags to rescue units; provide general support through fundraising efforts

-Elections/Civic Duties: Support electoral process by promoting club members to vote; donate lunches to polling places for election workers

-Military Support: Support our military, both active, retired and veterans of war by sending care packages, greeting cards, and long-distance calling cards.